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Good2Go is an MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) which runs on the AT&T network. MVNO is smaller wireless carriers that use the big 4 networks to provide quality mobile service at lower rates. Which means it offers prepaid plans using another company’s cellular network (in this case, it’s AT&T). Good2Go’s plans are cheap and simple. (Copy)

Good2go Mobile Reviews

Good2go Mobile Reviews

With the help of AT&T towers, Good2GO provides services to its consumers. So if you want to get into good2go service, then you have got get an AT&T compatible phone. And for understanding everything about Good2GO, read the good2go review.

Mobile Phone plans of Good2GO

Good2go mobile offers various monthly phone plans (five in numbers), and four out of these include data plans, Good2go has been operating for more than five years, and Ztar mobile is controlling it. It is known for offering private label wireless services and software solutions, which has been in the market for the past 16 years.

Plans Data Calls/Text
$15 per month 2GB 4G LTE data Unlimited Talk and Text
$20 per month 6GB 4G LTE data Unlimited Talk and Text
$30 per month 10GB 4G LTE data Unlimited Talk and Text
$40 per month 20GB 4G LTE data Unlimited Talk and Text

The download speed goes on between 8.5 Mbps to upload speed beings 6.3 Mbps, keep in mind the speed also varies from place to place.  You will not have any issue in streaming videos or music on Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, etc. at times, YouTube speeds will go up to 1080p. The mobile hotspot service works perfectly too.

Data Speeds and Consumption

The consumers don’t feel any sort of issue while sending/ receiving messages and didn’t feel any issue while making calls.

Customer Support

Which good2go review is incomplete without talking about customer support?

The customer support offered by Good2go is seven days a week and started from 7 am to 1 am eastern standard time. Customer support is available through calls, as well as the contact form available on the website.

Good2go also has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page that will help them reach out to their customers, but the sad part is that they are only available on Facebook. A waiting time of 24 hours is there If you send an email.

Moreover, they don’t offer online chat support, which is the in thing, and very useful.


The consumer will not have any issue with the service even when they are traveling. Just keep in mind that even if you are in a congested area, the data and other speed will be a bit slower and will move away if you get away from the congested area.

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