How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers | Keep Your Number Switching Phone

Switch Cell Phone Guide: If you want to change mobile phone carriers, but don’t want your old phone number to be lost then it is very easy to do so by switching phone carriers. You can get your old number very easily through a method called “porting”. You can very easily swap carrier numbers for each of the main carriers and retain their telephone number without changing your old number.

How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers

How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers | Keep Your Number

While certain steps of switching and porting required information and telephony companies can differ by provider. So, basically to transfer cell phone numbers there are two basic things involved during porting.

Step 1: Perform Research About Your Alternatives Cell Phone Companies:

You should begin by comparing your options and what you don’t like about your current services. From serviceability and plan choices to bonus functionality you consider everything before making the final choice about your service provider. Also, ensure your existing carrier does not enter into a deal, or early termination penalties will be paid. While some steps of switching telephone operators can differ from provider to provider.

To know how to change carrier you can check the eligibility of your new service provider first. Most service providers allow you to change call phone carriers directly on their website (such as the eligibility transfer portal of AT&T). To buy a new package and phone (or get your device), call your new service provider. This can be done online or a retail site is open.

You should be equipped with information about your current account (i.e. name, address, customer account number, etc.). Your new provider is then contacted and the porting process begins. Your current service should be automatically discontinued until your new service is enabled.

Step 2: Check for Your Options:

You can start to switch mobile carriers by comparing your choices and writing notes on your current service. From serviceability and scheduling to maintaining your mobile and your incentive capabilities, you should consider everything. Also, make sure the current carrier is not locked into a deal or those early termination fees are paid. You should know the basic information about your current plan like:

  • Name and address
  • Account number
  • Account password or PIN
  • Phone’s ESN/IMEI number (if keeping phone)
  • Phone number (if keeping number)

Step by Step Guide to Switch Cell Phone Carriers

Steps involved for switching cell phone carriers:

  1. Know your usage of Mobile Data & Calls requirements
  2. Compare the Best Cell Phone Plans and Deals with other carriers
  3. Check Network Compatibility
  4. Purchase New Plan
  5. Install Your New SIM Card
  6. After Porting, Confirm Cancellation of Your Old Service
  7. Get the Most Out of Your New Plan
  8. Review Your Phone Plan

Getting to Know Deeper About Cell Phone Providers

You should not cancel your service with your current carrier before you start the switching processor before calling your new service provider. If it’s already deactivated then you can’t port your phone number. You can gather details from your new mobile phone account, including the number of your account that appears on your bank account. Your new carrier needs to process your old carrier’s port number request. Furthermore, if you plan to keep your current handset, make sure that you disable it before swapping carriers.

Additional information

To make the conversion of your carrier more easily you can simply call your new mobile carrier online, over the phone, or can meet the person at a shop. Contact your new mobile provider and gather all information. Know when your service is changed to the package you have chosen.

Additional information about how to port a number is:

  • If you intend to use your new provider, please contact your current carrier to unlock your phone.
  • Choose a new contract for your phone with your mobile phone and choose a new phone or add to the network your computer.
  • Provide details about your bank account.
  • Sit back and wait for your old carrier to call or message for a confirmation message to switch. Usually, porting your mobile phone number to a new carrier takes just a few hours of a day.


It is a long-gone time when a new number has to be received when network providers are switching. Nowadays switching cell phone carriers is very easy and in most cases, you can pick up your old carrier number. You just need to make sure when you start to port, your current phone plan remains active. Porting also includes some essential primary account holder information. Several carriers are now endorsing plans for your mobile. This ensures you can preserve the compatibility with your new telephone.

To be able to transfer your number, your current phone plan must be active. If possible, do not cancel your current plan until signing up for a new telephone plan has been started. Before you start the process of switch phone carriers, you will need essential account details. In most instances, when you turn, you will need many key pieces of knowledge. This should not be a concern if you are the primary account holder in the current scheme. But you would want to get this information if you’re on a family plan and the primary account holder is someone else.

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