Sprint Unlimited Kickstart | Unlimited High-Speed Data, Talks and Chats

Sprint unlimited kickstart plans give you unlimited high-speed data, talks and chats around the world from your mobile device. Kickstart sprint unlimited plans give you four options to choose from that is Kickstart, Basic, Plus and Premium. There are three important things you need to qualify if you want to start your plan.

  • Bring your own phone number, if we say in other words you will not be able to change your current mobile number. You have to keep that number as it is with the current service provider and bring with you and set up a newsprint account.
  • You have to bring a new phone from sprint.
  • You have to set up Sprint account online. Once you are done with all these things your master card will be shipped to your address

Sprint Unlimited Kickstart

We will be going to talk about sprint amazing deals they have brought back. It is very good to deal with, very cheap deals and everybody will like it. Sprint kickstart already has a $35 plan and now they are saving your $10 by introducing a newsprint $25 plan in a month which is an amazing deal and everybody can afford it. This offer you can only get through Best Buy. So let’s talk about Sprint unlimited kickstart plan.

Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan

In this article, I’ll be showing you the exact steps you need to follow to take advantage of this promotional plan as well as how to transfer your existing number and move it to sprint kickstart. First of all what makes this plant so great? Kickstart is Sprint cheapest unlimited data plan coming at $35.00 per month. You get truly unlimited data on Sprint network. This will soon become the best unlimited data plan on the mobile network. There are some limitations to know about. You may experience slower speed than postpaid subscribers and this is common in all prepaid plans.

There are some data streaming limits for video gaming and music. You can see video streams up to 480p, gaming up to 2mbps and music up to 500kbps. In this plan, hotspot isn’t supported but you do get access to sprint 5G network.


So how you sign up for a sprint $25 unlimited plan per month. Sprint unlimited kickstart is offering an incredible deal by now. Below are the exact steps to follow for signing up for this promotion offer before it goes away. There are two things you need to do to get this promotion.

  1. Add a new line to the existing sprint account and create a new sprint account.
  2. You need to purchase a smartphone from Best Buy for getting this sprint $25 kickstart plan.

Here, you will get complete information on how to create your newsprint account and to transfer your existing phone number.

  • You have to click on create new account and you will able to choose from the selected plan.
  • On the top, you will be seeing that unlimited kickstart spring option for just $25 per month.
  • After selecting that you have to click continue and on the next page click on go to cart.
  • You also have options to review your order and you will also see that sprint will charge a one-time $30 activation fee. Now just after checking out your order is placed.

If you like you can go and activate this offer in-store. The main advantage of this promotion of going to the store if you feel comfortable maybe the best way to take advantage of this promotion. Just take the safety precautions by wearing masks and taking hand sanitizers. Otherwise, you can give online order of phone that can be also another option.

Now let’s talk about how to transfer your existing phone number. On the sprint page, you will see Current phone number option. There you have to fill out your current phone number and your wireless account number which you can find on the top of your bill. After filling in that information click continue. Now you will get an option to create your new sprint account after filling forms of all the details your sprint account should be set up and you can click continue.

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