US Mobile Reviews | Updated Plans | Does US Mobile Offer 5G?

US Mobile Reviews: The US mobile network is one of America’s frequently used lines of cellphone networks which provides unlimited packs at a cheap expense. It was founded in 2015 and since then they are improvising their plans and discounts every year for the customers’ sake. This time US Mobile has launched the unlimited data plan, that too in the most affordable rate. Another specialty is the custom plan it offers. US Mobile uses the tagline, “Building your own plan to suit your needs is at the core of US Mobile’s services”.

US Mobile Reviews – Available Plans

In this article, we will give you detailed information about the US Mobile Reviews. If you are thinking of switching to this network, this will give you a better insight and will help to choose the right plan for yourself.

US Mobile Reviews


US Mobile’s network is “the biggest 4G LTE network in America”. They offer 4G LTE coverage on the 2 largest cellular networks in the US with custom and unlimited prepaid talk, text & data plans – Super LTE Network & GSM LTE Network.

How to Switch to US Mobile?

US Mobile will give you a starter kit worth $4. It contains a prepaid sim which will initiate the network in your device. The whole process takes only 3-5 minutes. You can port your existing phone number as well. In case of a Super LTE Sim, you have to just insert the sim and restart your device and for the GSM LTE Sim, you need to update your APN configuration.

What Phones can be used?

Almost all devices are compatible with US Mobiles. You can bring your own device. Any device with a sim card slot is going to work. US Mobile sells 12 different phones. You can buy a new device as well.

Does US Mobile Offer 5G?

Yes, they have recently added low-band 5G network to their service list. It supports GSM LTE Network. If you have a 5G supportive device it will automatically switch to the 5G network, with absolutely no extra charge. The 5G net is 20% faster than the 4G net.


  1. If your device has been locked somehow, you can take advantage of US Mobile’s unlocking service which costs $15 only.
  2. International roaming facility is now available on US Networks. The plan comes with 10GB International data. You can pay at the local rate and have more data even after consuming that 10GB.
  3. You can put your locality and US Mobile will detect the best network for you.
  4. If you are having any issues regarding the net or calls, the US Mobiles have a ‘Common Issues’ desk on their website. The customer care is also very helpful.
  5. Unlimited plans come with additional perks like Apple TV Plus, Spotify Family, HBO Max, Netflix Standard, Hulu, Disney plus and many more.


  1. If your plan has been for more than 1 year, it will be disabled automatically. And you have to repurchase a new starter kit to continue the plan.
  2. On top of the regular monthly charge, there is an additional monthly charge. Service charge – $2, Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge – $1-$5 per line.
  3. The unlimited plans will give you high-speed data until you have crossed 50GB. After that the speed drops down which is very annoying.

Best US Mobile Plans:

US mobile has various plans with various combinations of services. If you want the mobile data only or if you prefer a plan with unlimited calls only, US Mobile has all types of plans to fulfill every customer’s need, and that too at a reasonable price. And the best part is that you can customize your own plan and make the best out of every penny spent. Take a quick look at the list below. It will give you a clear picture –

  1. Unlimited Plan For $20: Data, text and talktime are unlimited. The price of 20 dollars is very cheap. This plan is best for you if the internet is as important as the calls for you.
  2. Unlimited Talktime plans: If you don’t need unlimited data and don’t want to waste your money on internet you can go for this particular one. This plan has 2 choices. One is limited to 2.5 GB data in 15 dollars and the other, 10GB data in 30 dollars. But both have unlimited calls and texts.
  3. Unlimited Family plans: The Family plans are designed for customers who take more than one line. These plans are more lucrative for you if your whole family is using US Mobile Network’s lines. Here is the price chart- 1 line – $40, 2 lines-$30, 3 lines – $20, 4lines – $20. All of the plans offer unlimited texts, calls and data.
  4. Customized plans: You can visit the official website of US Mobile and design your own plan. They will let you choose the data, call time, texts separately and those 3 will be added to make your plan. The customized plans are the most profitable ones. They come with hotspot facility.

However, The US Mobile is one of the best networks available in America. It has a wide range of facilities and options. You can definitely go for it and customise your plans according to your need. We hope this article will help you to choose the best. For any further info, they have an email [email protected] and a phone number 1(878)205-0088 open for help.

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