Verizon APN Settings 2021 – Verizon 4GLTE Easy Setup Guide

Verizon APN Settings Benefits and How to Activate: Are you unable to connect to the Internet properly from your device? If you are facing this problem regularly you need to correctly configure the Access point of your data network.  If you are a Verizon mobile user and looking to set up the Verizon APN setting can follow the below procedure to set and configure your APN settings for Verizon in detail.

Verizon 4GLTE: Verizon is the biggest mobile operator in US with over 130+ million subscribers. So, here we have updated the clear information to set up Verizon MMS settings.

Verizon Wireless APN Settings

Below are the quick steps to configure your APN Settings for Verizon. We have mentioned clearly about how to set connections for Verizon APN Setting for Android, Verizon 4G LTE APN Settings for IOS.

Verizon APN Settings

To configure Verizon wireless settings for any android device we need to set up the below configuration.

VERIZON APN Setting for Android:

  • Name: Verizon
  • APN: vzwinternet or internet
  • Proxy:
  • Port:
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Server:
  • MMSC:
  • Multimedia message proxy:
  • Multimedia message port: 80
  • MCC:
  • MNC:
  • Authentication type:
  • APN type: default,supl,mms
  • APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: Unspecified

Above are the Step by Step procedure to do Verizon APN Settings. All you need enter some info in sections -> Name: Verizon, APN: you can enter internet or vzwinternet. Proxy as: Port: Username: Password: Server: MMS proxy: none.

How to Configure Verizon APN Settings on Android

Step 1: To do configuration first we need to Go to the Menu section

Step 2: After that Click on Settings option

Step 3: Now, Open Wireless and Network and select More option over there

Step 4: Here you need to click on Mobile Networks

Step 5: Now select Access Point Names

Step 6: Open menu options and click on New APN or “+” symbol

Step 7: Enter the Values that are mentioned above as it is

Step 8: Now, you need to Save the changes that you’ve to enter in and then exit

Step 9: In some cases, you need to restart your android mobile phone

Step 10: After restarted, Now open any web browser you can connect to the internet and high-speed internet mode on your android device. Like this, you need to configure the Verizon access point.

How to Configure Verizon 4G LTE APN Settings on iPhone

Above are the step by step indications to configure the Verizon access points. All you need set enter cellular data: Verizon, APN as internet or vzwinternet and follow the below steps clearly.

Step 1: Do configure Verizon MMS settings first we need to Go to Main Menu and open Settings option

Step 2: Click on General and open Network

Step 3: Now you’ve to select your data roaming in on mode and wifi in off mode

Step 4: And you should enable your 3G in on mode otherwise you will connect to edge (2G)

Step 5: Click on Cellular Data Network and enter the below values

  • Cellular Data – Verizon
  • APN – internet or vzwinternet
  • Username – Leave in Blank
  • Password – Leave in Blank

Step 6: Now you have to configure Verizon iPhone APN MMS settings and the values are

  • Cellular Data– Verizon
  • Username – Leave it Blank
  • Password – Leave it Blank
  • MMSC –
  • MMS Proxy – Not Set
  • MMS Max Message Size – Leave it Blank
  • MMS UA Prof URL: Leave it Blank

Step 7: Save the changes that you made and exit

Step 8: Sometimes you need to restart your iPhone

Step 9: Open any web browser and then connect to the high-speed internet in your iPhone

Clear Guidelines to Configure VERIZON APN Settings:

When inserted the SIM into the mobile Verizon APN generally configured itself. But unfortunately, sometimes this configured automatically. In such cases, we need to configure the APN Settings by ourselves. By doing this Verizon APN settings configuration allows us to get the Internet quickly.

Note: Disclaimer

Updating your APN settings does not guarantee that your MMS (multimedia/picture messaging) will work. Before changing APN Setting please save existing settings.

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