Why Is My Internet So Slow? How to Fix Slow Internet Connection?

In today’s era Internet is basic need of every person. Whether he is a student or a teacher, businessman or of any other profession this facility is used by everyone. And many times we face the problem of slow Internet which can be sometimes very annoying.  There could be a number of reasons behind this issue. In this article, you may find the cause that why your Internet is having a moderate speed.

Why Is My Internet So Slow

Why Is My Internet So Slow?


To begin with, the first and foremost reason for slow Internet accessibility can be your device like it might be that your computer or tablet or mobile phone that you are using is not able to access the Internet. In such a case, the trouble is usually for a short span and is resolved on its own.

Unnecessary Apps:

The second reason for this undemanding issue can be the use of too many applications at a time so to avoid this problem the user can close the unnecessary apps running in the background. In addition, the other reason can be that your household may be trying to use more Data that your equipment may handle.

WiFi Signals:

Moving on to other reasons for this complication in your Internet could be blocked WiFi signals. The obstacles between the WiFi routes like elevators, cubicle walls or even the metal furniture can degrade signals however a clear path can provide the best performance. The next cause could be that the WiFi is installed AF such location where it is most likely to be used by a number of people like in offices etc. Even the router should be in an open location and not in a closet so that the antennae have its maximum effectiveness.


The other most common reason for slow internet speed could be that the server used by you is misconfigured. This host server is used to host websites, files, images, games and other applications. And when this server is underpowered the Internet slows down.

What Causes Slow Download and Upload Speed?

Next many people complain about slow downloading speed which can have a number of reasons.

  • The age of your computer can be one of them as many old devices lack the memory to achieve the best download speeds even if the Internet connection is Strong.
  • The other reason could be website traffic. This is usually faced when a lot of people are using same sites simultaneously. Due to this the site may even stop for some time. Even sometimes it could be that your internet is not slow but the server you are downloading the file from is busy.
  • Further, the other cause for this may be that the Internet service provider could be jerking which means the connectivity is not the same throughout.
  • The Internet speed largely depends on the network equipment you’re Care using for example an ethernet connection is generally much more stable than a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Further, there are some more reasons that your Internet connection may appear slow. There could be a problem with the modem or router or with the Wi-Fi signals, strength or the devices on your network saturating the bandwidth. Signs that your modem needs to be replaced are firstly the modem won’t turn on. Secondly, it doesn’t connect to the internet at all.
  • Thirdly the Internet connection drops randomly. Next, it could be that your Internet speed is inconsistent or is slower than it used to be.. next the computer viruses like Trojans or worms can drastically slow down your connection speed. They compromise the system and use the Internet access bandwidth that leads to a sudden slow down in the speed. So cleaning out the viruses may solve the problem of slow connection
  • Also many people face this problem at night. Nightly traffic on your IPS ‘s network may cause data backup in your router that slows down your home Wi-Fi network or it could be night trafficking as many people use Internet at night. It is also said that 7-11 are business hours on the web for people across the nation. We users are commonly free during this time and are doing our Internet activities. And this competition for bandwidth is causing are favourite streaming service to buffer.

There are some easy tricks or hacks that will be shared further that might help you to face these annoying situations. You can restart your WiFi gateway every Couple of weeks. Also you should turn off or disconnect the devices that are not in use.

Next, you can reboot regularly to clear system errors. One must exit the streaming apps after watching movies, videos or listening to music. Some other easy efforts one can put to deal with this are that know your hardware’s limitations, fix your WiFi signals, try new servers Close the unnecessary apps in the background, etc.

To summarize this article may help you to find out the right reason and may be the solution too for your slow Internet connective

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